Betting Strategies

Martingale’s betting system

This is one of the most popular systems used by sports bettors. Martingale’s betting system consists of a group of methods with an extremely simple form that originated in the 18th century in France when it was used by the gamblers of the game. If the bet is unsuccessful, the bettor must double his bet and, if successful, the bet remains at the same level. In the past, even today, some people think that if you have enough money and you use this system, you will always be profitable, no matter how poor the success rate of the forecasts. This is not the case, but its strategy has its advantages. As with most other systems we write about on our site, here too the minimum factor needed to make the system work is 2.00

D’Alembert’s betting system

The famous French mathematician and physicist Jean de Ronde D’Alembert has presented this law of equilibrium, according to which a series of events viewed in the long run are equally likely to be profitable or losers. According to this betting system, there is a better chance of winning after losses and vice versa – after each win the chance of losing becomes bigger. This is the theory of negative progression, because when you use it you have to reduce the size of your bets after each win and increase them after each loss. Jean de Ronde D’Alembert’s theory has a widespread distribution among casino players who use it to increase their winnings from games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and other gambling games where there are only two possible outcomes – win and loss. However, you can also use this system in sports betting and not only that you will use it, but you can also increase your bank through it. Also known as the pyramid theory, this system is pretty easy to perform because you just have to remove one unit of your bet each time you make a successful forecast and increase it at each loss. The amount you need to increase or decrease depends on the type of game or event at which you place the bet. Let’s take a look at an example to find out more about how the system works: You bet $ 1 and win. Then your next bet will be $ 1 again, but in the case of a loss your bet size should be up to $ 2. This series can go on without ending and there is nothing that can confuse you – you take down the win, you lose in a loss. Mathematics for First Class. But you still can not keep betting forever using this strategy. You have to set a specific goal – say you have chosen to make 10 bets with D’Alembert system and after reaching the selected limit start over again. Planning bets this way will help you make better profits and you will be more enjoyable than unsympathetic forecasting.